Automatic Drilling Machine

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Multi-axis tapping drill is suitable for parts processing; two groups of independent multi-axis systems can be controlled and adjusted separately, each group can drill and attack teeth by replacing the swing arm;

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Automatic Drilling Machine

Automatic drilling machines are cutting-edge industrial equipment designed to revolutionize drilling operations by delivering efficient, precise and reliable performance. The machine adopts advanced automation technology and precision control system to provide a fully automatic drilling process, significantly improving productivity and accuracy.

Automatic drilling machines are equipped with a wide range of functions and features to meet various drilling needs. One of its standout features is the adjustable drilling speed and depth. This allows for flexibility in drilling in different materials and specifications, ensuring that holes are drilled precisely as required. In addition, the machine also has high-precision positioning and depth setting functions, which can accurately detect the workpiece surface and determine the drilling depth. This ensures unparalleled drilling accuracy and consistency.

The automatic drilling machine has a powerful drive system and is able to handle materials of different hardness, such as metal, plastic and wood. Its high-performance motor and professional-grade cutting tools make the drilling process more efficient, stable and safe. Additionally, it features a multi-axis tapping drill specifically designed for part machining. It has two sets of independent multi-axis systems that can be independently controlled and adjusted. Each set only needs to replace the swing arm to drill and tap. This feature is particularly beneficial for parts with a large number of screw holes and small screw hole clearances, allowing simultaneous drilling and tapping.


Additionally, automatic drilling machines prioritize user safety and convenience. It operates quietly, ensuring a seamless, quiet work environment. The equipment has multiple protection functions such as over-pressure, over-current, overload, and overheating to minimize the risks of drilling operations. In addition, its accurate and efficient work positioning perfectly adapts to the time and energy consumption of batch drilling and tapping parts, making it ideal for workers under pressure.

In the field of industrial production, automatic drilling machines play a vital role. These machines effectively increase work efficiency, ensure impeccable drilling quality, and significantly reduce the risk of manual errors. Whether in metal processing, building construction or wood product manufacturing, automatic drilling machines have become indispensable advanced equipment.

The metalworking industry greatly benefits from the capabilities of automatic drilling machines. The ability to adjust drilling speed and depth allows for precise and efficient drilling of holes in a variety of metals. High-performance motors and cutting tools easily handle the challenges posed by hard metals, resulting in faster, more accurate drilling operations. In addition, multi-axis tapping drills ensure fast, simultaneous drilling and tapping, thus simplifying production processes.

When it comes to building construction, automatic drilling machines prove to be invaluable. Its precision control system ensures that the drilling process follows the specified depth, thus facilitating the installation of fixtures and fittings with the highest precision. Additionally, the machine’s ability to drill holes in different materials allows for multiple uses in a variety of construction tasks. This versatility combined with efficiency and reliability makes automatic drilling machines an essential tool on construction sites.

Wood product manufacturing also greatly benefits from the capabilities of automatic drilling machines. Adjustable drilling speed and depth allow precise drilling in different wood densities, guaranteeing the quality and durability of the final product. In addition, the machine’s powerful drive system adapts to wood of varying hardnesses, ensuring efficient and precise drilling operations. For furniture makers and carpenters, automatic drilling machines are an indispensable tool in their pursuit of creating first-class wood products.

The machine's multiple features, such as adjustable drilling speed and depth, high-precision positioning, and powerful drive system, guarantee unparalleled performance in various industries. By improving work efficiency, ensuring drilling quality, and reducing the risk of manual errors, automatic drilling machines have become essential equipment in metal processing, building construction, and wood product manufacturing.GB14048.2/IEC60947-2 and JB/T8590.

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  • Workbench size  400 * 400mm
    Drilling dimensions  ø 2- ø 6mm
    Attack tooth size  M3-M6mm
    Z-axis stroke  150mm
    Feed height of the z-axis  150mm
    Positioning accuracy  ± 0.05mm
    Repeat positioning accuracy  0.02mm
    Workbench bearing  80 Kg
    Spindle power  1. 5 Kw
    Maximum spindle speed  3000 Rpm
    Movement speed  600 Mm / min
    Drive system  Servo
    Operating voltage  AC220V50HZ
    Complete machine power  3. [] 5 Kw
    Machine tool weight  200 Kg
    Size of machine tool  1030 * 825 * 1715mm

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